Guided tour of Chiusi and the Etruscan Museum

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Visit of Chiusi: the Etruscans

The area in which Chiusi is located has been inhabited since ancient times, the first settlements date back to the Iron Age (8th century BC), but during the guided tour, observing traces and finds in the open air, we realize that the city played a role of great importance in the Etruscan Empire.

Known by the name of Clevsi, then Latinized in Clusium, Chiusi was part of the Etruscan dodecapolis, a league that brought together the 12 most important cities of Etruria, becoming authoritative especially at the time of King Porsenna (6th century BC).

visit tour chiusi

From Romans to Medici

Chiusi and its dominations

During the guided tour of Chiusi, we'll talk a lot about stories and legends related to Porsenna who, apparently, commissioned a series of underground labyrinths to protect his tomb: these tunnels really exist and deserve a guided tour, but in reality they are a system for the water supply, the result of the cleverness of the Etruscans. In the third century BC, Chiusi became part of the Roman Empire and, in succession, the Byzantines, Goths and Lombards fought hard to conquer it. In the sixteenth century Chiusi passed under the Florentine Medici's governement, whose reclamation works marked an expansion of the city.

visit tour chiusi

Underground labyrinths

Guided tours

In Chiusi it is possible to take a guided tour of the labyrinths of the underground city. The visit starts from the Palazzo delle Logge, where the “The Labyrinth” section is set up: through interactive objects, photos and panels, it tells the myth of King Porsenna. The route continues in via Baldetti, with two sections: “Productive Activities” and “Epigraphic”. In the first, agricultural equipment, kitchen ceramics, Etruscan and Roman transport amphorae are exhibited. The second is set up in underground tunnels: over 150 meters of underground tunnels house the only exhibition in Italy totally dedicated to the funerary epigraphy of the Etruscans.

visit tour chiusi

Museums: guided tour

The archaeological finds

The collections exhibited in the Etruscan museum in Chiusi, which you will see during the guided tour, are really well organized and equally well represented. The museum, housed since 1901 in a neoclassical style building, preserves finds of rare value, exhibited according to thematic and chronological criteria. Among the finds from the Roman age there is a portrait of Augustus, considered one of the finest representations of the emperor. About 2 km from the Chiusi museum it's possible to take a guided tour of two Tombs, the Pilgrim and the Monkey, rich in decorations, Etruscan sarcophagi and cinerary urns.


Chiusi: private guided tour

The echo of the past resonates with power in Chiusi and, if you are passionate about archeology, this is the place for you. A guided tour of the historic center allows you to admire, without haste, important places of worship such as the Cathedral of S. Secondiano, one of the oldest Tuscan churches: built by Bishop Florentino, it dates back to the sixth century and is inspired by the ancient early Christian basilicas.

But Chiusi reserves other surprises, such as the ancient Mascagni Theater or the Church of San Francesco, with a single nave in Roman-Gothic style and a Roman column with the Medici coat of arms from 1581, placed on the occasion of the visit of Grand Duke Francesco I. Arrival point of the guided tour is the bell tower, made as a defensive tower in the thirteenth century and, by climbing it, you can have a splendid view of the Val di Chiana, Lake Chiusi and Lake Trasimeno.


The territory of Chiusi

Cetona - San Casciano Bagni

Just in a short distance from Chiusi, it is possible to immerse yourself in the fresh forests of Monte Cetona, from whose homonymous town it is possible to start for trekking tour or just easy walks in the nature. Another place that really worth a guided visit is the nearby village of San Casciano dei Bagni. The village was builtorn for the exploitation of its 42 thermal springs: the beneficial spring waters have always represented a primary importance in the history of this tiny village. Thermal pools, face and body treatments, oriental massages and hydrotherapy courses await you!

Chiusi Lake: Relax and Nature

In the heart of the Valdichiana, Lake Chiusi is located at the foot of the namesake village and, its eastern shore, marks the border between Tuscany and Umbria (the ancient border between the Papal State and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany). The lake, also called Chiaro di Luna, deserves a guided tour as it represents a resting and nesting area for many migratory birds, such as osprey, purple heron, egret or black-winged stilt: a perfect spot for those who love birdwatching. In gastronomic sense, here you can enjoy the famous “Brustico” (lake fishcooked on a grill on a wattle).

Path of “ Bonifica”

In addition to a pleasant guided tour of Lake Chiusi, the Path of Bonifica allows you to travel - by foot or by bicycle - an itinerary of about 62 km that connects Chiusi to Arezzo. It represents a path that goes into the nature, between reeds and lake water, where you will meet two military defense towers called exactly "Beccati Questo" and "Beccati Quello", both built in the narrowest point of the valley, where Tuscany joins Umbria: a clear testimony of the perennial, ancient hostilities.


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