Visit to the cellars of Montalcino: wine tasting

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Montalcino, between art and cellars

Montalcino is a perfect example of a medieval village, which has remained intact since the 16th century, where the streets are flat and wide, with large squares and delightful views over the Val d'Orcia.

Enchanted hill, rich in art and culture, Montalcino is the ideal place for a visit to the cellars that produce the famous Brunello wine. While a walk in the historic center or a guided tour of the mighty Rocca, will let you understand that this small town still retains all its ancient charm.

visit cellars montalcino

History: Brunello wine

from Biondi Santi to our days

Montalcino has become famous thanks to Brunello, one of the best Italian wines and one of the most appreciated in the world, which you can taste in a wine tasting while visiting local wineries. The village was already renowned for its red wines in the 15th century, but it was Ferruccio Biondi Santi who invented the Brunello wine formula, eliminating the vines of the traditional Chianti recipe (Canaiolo and Colorino) and using, instead, only the Sangiovese variety. To be precise, the official birth takes place with the first bottling in 1888, of which examples still exist in the cellar.

visit cellars montalcino

Visit to the cellars

wine tasting in Montalcino

During the visit to the cellars of Montalcino, you can enjoy a tasting of the prestigious Brunello wine. A wine of undisputed quality and deserved denomination D.O.C.G .. The cellars of Montalcino offer a truly unique range of wines, in terms of value and type, which - in addition to Brunello - range from the young Rosso di Montalcino D.O.C., to the renowned Moscatello D.O.C. and at Sant'Antimo D.O.C .. The wine tasting in the cellars of Montalcino, which has become a moment of meeting and exchange for lovers of the sector, will make your visit truly surprising.

visit cellars montalcino

Montalcino: historic center

a magnificent medieval village

Montalcino is not only linked to the cultivation of the vine, to the visit of the cellars or to the wine tasting: its history is lost in the mists of time. The first settlements date back to around 30,000-31,000 BC. (lithic objects have been found, such as weapons and stone tools used by prehistoric peoples), but it is the enchanting medieval village that leaves you breathless. The old town, with the museum and the Palazzo dei Priori, is surrounded by a mighty wall and lends itself to a slow walk, dominated by an authentic architectural perfection: a castle in 1361 (worth the visit).


Brunello wine tasting

During our walk in Montalcino, we will take some time to breathe the medieval atmosphere of this magnificent Tuscan village and, after enjoying the extraordinary view over the whole Val d'Orcia, we will be able to sit down to sip a good glass of insuperable red wine.

The Brunello wine tasting can be done in the historic center of the medieval village, where there is a wide choice of places suitable for wine tasting, or during a visit to the cellars of the surrounding area in Montalcino. In the latter case, the wine tasting is preceded by a guided tour of the cellars and, if requested, it can be accompanied by a light lunch / dinner in a friendly and cordial atmosphere, typically Tuscan.


The territory of Montalcino

Abbey of Sant'Antimo

Montalcino is not just wine: it is also art, culture and ancient history. The Abbey of Sant'Antimo rises a few kilometers away and is considered one of the most beautiful Romanesque style monuments in Tuscany, with references to French and Lombard models. Traditionally founded in 781 by Charlemagne, the current church dates back to around 1118, as evidenced by an inscription engraved on the main altar, while the structure is in travertine rock with alabaster veins, which gives an effect of brightness that is always different depending on the chromatic variations of the sky.

Val d'Orcia, wine and villages

While visiting the cellars of Montalcino, you will notice that this sinuous hill is immersed in the splendid Val d'Orcia Natural Park, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004. Discovering this territory means getting in touch with the absolute protagonist: uncontaminated nature, with ever-changing colors according to the different seasons. It is a land where you live an almost surreal atmosphere, which has given rise to the most precious Italian wines, which inspired Renaissance painters, which welcomes enchanting medieval villages, castles and abbeys.

The Baths of Bagno Vignoni

The territory around Montalcino is dotted with important villages, just think of Pienza or Montepulciano, but the charm of Bagno Vignoni lies in the thermal waters, which flow at a temperature of 52 degrees. In the central square of the hamlet there is a large pool of hot water, used since ancient times by pilgrims from the nearby Via Francigena or by famous people such as Pope Pius II, Catherine of Siena and Lorenzo de Medici called “the Magnificent”. The village is a maze of hot water rivulets in the open air: don't forget to take a bathing suit and a towel.


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