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Tuscany-Umbria: the Trasimeno

On the promontory, overlooking a shore of the Trasimeno Lake, you'll see Castiglione del Lago, one of the most evocative villages on the border between Tuscany and Umbria. The town was founded by the Etruscans and enlarged by the Romans, but it is in the medieval period that it reaches its maximum splendor, under the guidance of the Corgna family.

The characteristic Rocca del Leone, built in the 13th century by Frederick the II of Swabia as a defensive structure overlooking the lake, awaits you at the end of a pleasant walk along the town's streets, accompanied by your tour guide, to give you a truly unique glimpse of the protected natural area of the Trasimeno Regional Park.

tourist guide castiglione lago

What to see in Castiglione

the history of the Corgna family

The tour guide of Castiglione del Lago can only begin the visit from the Palazzo Ducale, also known as Palazzo Corgna, the palace of the family commissioned by Ascanio della Corgna in 1563. Initially conceived as a country residence, the palace had the honor of hosting characters of the caliber of Leonardo Da Vinci and Niccolò Machiavelli, while today it is the seat of the municipality of Castiglione. Palazzo Corgna is connected to the famous Rocca del Leone through a fascinating covered walkway, overlooking the lake. In Castiglione, the 3 entrance gates to the center of the village are still visible: Porta Perugina, Porta Fiorentina and Porta Senese.

tourist guide castiglione lago

Events and demonstrations

international parades and reviews

Castiglione del Lago is home to some events such as “Coloriamo i Cieli” when, at the end of April, the skies of the lake are colored by hundreds of kites, or “La Sagra dei Tulipani”, during which Castiglione is adorned with beautiful Tulips, allegorical floats , costumed processions and a Palio competition among districts. The International Folklore Review is an exhibition of a large cultural interest, based on folk groups from different countries showing their popular cultures activities inside the Rocca. “Luci sul Trasimeno”, on the other hand, is a new and original demonstration of the Christmas period: the largest Christmas tree in the world, "designed" on the water by thousands of lights.

tourist guide castiglione lago

What to do on Trasimeno

sport, relaxation, food and wine

Lake Trasimeno is an unmissable attraction and, after a visit to Castiglione del Lago, you can discover the many activities offered by the lake area. The shores of the lake offer, in fact, the opportunity to spend relaxing days on equipped beaches, between relaxation and delicious lunches overlooking the water, without forgetting water sports such as sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and rowing. If you want to sail the waters of the lake, from Castiglione you can embark with your tour guide to reach one of the islands, perhaps stopping in one of the many restaurants to savor the local gastronomy, made of lake fish.


What to see in the surroundings

There are many places, not far from the center of Castiglione, that would deserve a visit, even if, as a tour guide I'll suggest you to don't miss the opportunity to visit the Trasimeno Islands, crossing the waters with a ferry. The Isola Maggiore awaits you in its medieval fishing village and a series of truly characteristic religious buildings; Isola Minore, privately owned; the Polvese Island, today a naturalistic-scientific park, with evidence of ancient settlements including the Romanesque abbey, the medieval castle and a wonderful twentieth-century villa. Do not forget two small villages, Panicale and Magione, places of great charm with spectacular sunsets.


Tourist guide of the area

The Trasimeno Islands

As soon as you disembark on the Maggiore Island, you will feel to be totally immersed in a delightful place! The village is built of houses dating back to the fourteenth-fifteenth centuries. From here the excursion starts along the lake and, after a pleasant walk, it leads us to the splendid Romanesque church of San Salvatore, the Gothic church of San Michele Arcangelo and the Guglielmi Castle. The other island, the Polvese, can be reached by a ferry that leaves from the village of San Feliciano. It is part of the Wildlife Oasis of Lake Trasimeno and, with a short walk along the lake, accompanied by your tour guide, you will reach the Rocca (open to visitors), the medieval church of San Giuliano and the Garden of Aquatic Plants by Pietro Porcinai.

Tourist guide in Magione

Of Etruscan-Roman origins, the first historical information dates back to the Middle Ages when, to assist pilgrims, the Knights of the Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem founded the hospice called "La Magione di Pian del Carpine": the name extended to the entire town, giving life to today's Magione. For security reasons, the Knights of Malta transformed the hospice into a castle, one of the most beautiful in Umbria, characterized by a square plan with circular towers and a magnificent internal courtyard. The tour guide will also take you to the nearby medieval village of Montecolognola: the magnificent view of Lake Trasimeno is truly rewarding.

Panicale: medieval village

A place of great charm and magic, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and awarded with the orange flag. Panicale is a small Umbrian village still immersed in a medieval atmosphere. Its strategic position, in ancient times, made it of fundamental importance, both for the supply of food and water and for defending the city of Perugia. Its structure still maintains the appearance of the medieval castle and the historic center contains some architectural wonders, such as the Collegiata Church of San Michele Arcangelo and the Palazzo del Podestà, in Gothic-Lombard style. The square in front of the Palazzo offers a magnificent view of the surrounding hills as well as the calm waters of Lake Trasimeno.


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